FlashAudioMaker 2.0

FlashAudiomaker™ Is the most used of all FlashAudio tools
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FlashAudiomaker™ Is the most used of all FlashAudio tools. Combining power and flexibility with ease of use, FlashAudioMaker appeals to the entire spectrum of users who wants to add professional sound buttons to their website.
First-time users are comfortable with the self explaining step by step procedure,
while power users appreciate FlashAudioMaker's powerful features that are easy to comprehend like say the rules of free online bingo. This software is also convenient to use and original.

Main features:
- Step-by-step wizard makes it easy
- Free flash audio button tool
- Easily add audio to your website
- Supports MP3, WAV
- Built in recording from your microphone
- Easy-to-use GUI only 4 simple steps to add audio
- 27 different color customizable skins to choose from
- Automatically generates your HTML code You don't need to know HTML to add your audio to your website. You simply need to be able to cut and paste.

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